Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to be Creative in Today's World

I can be creative in today's world by being myself. Me myself is creative. We can also be creative by participating in a social group or club.  When on the Internet I can customize my web pages and make cool looking items and posts. I can post something I think is interesting and cool or I can make creative items online. If I was going to post my writing, art, or videos for the world to see; it would be different ten just show my  work to a teacher because, on the Internet people don't know my emotions in side me and how i feel on the outside. In this way it is different from turning something in to my teacher, because a teacher knows how their student feels when he/she says something.


  1. Your Voki is Kind of wierd

  2. I'm happy to see how enthusiastic you are about blogging! Have fun. I know you will enjoy it and learn a lot.


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